Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mr. Creative...Barney Barker

Have you ever met someone who seems to be able to do anything?  Well let me introduce you to someone who is just that way...

Barney Barker

Not only is he the Band Director at A. G. Cox (well loved by all), extremely involved in the Ayden community, involved in different local drama groups, and I could go on and on.  Notice the T-shirt he is wearing.  Barney is very involved in Relay for Life.  If  you go to his website http://sparrowshost.com/index.html and click on "Purpose" you will find a full explanation of how Sparrow's Host came to be.  

He sells his creations at Happy's and sometimes other Craft Fairs.  So I want  you to have a chance to get to know Barney through his creations...

...first let's take a look at some of his bird houses...

Look at those old tools...I just love the sweet little oil can and measuring tape.

How about the Dart Board House?  It is a game and decor all in one.

This one is for the bird who longs to own a landscaping business.

If you are a Jimmy Buffet fan, this one is for you!

How about the fisherman in the family?

A gardener would enjoy this one.

Do you know anyone musically inclined?

This one could inspire stories of a shoemaker...

Are you getting a feel for Barney's talent?  Well, I am just getting warmed up with pictures that showcase his creativity.

 These are just a few of his Bird Feeders.

Here he has put a special twist on chandeliers..."hanging candleliers" (is that a word?).  Oh, well, that describes it.

How about this great stained glass?

Hold on...I am not finished yet.  Now he is into painting furniture...take a look...

...white and distressed.  It is all the rage these days.  He really did a great job.

Well, this is just a sample of his work.  He is truly amazing!  I hope you will check out his website and consider buying something from him...the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

God is always at work around us
and often shows Himself
in the most “unexpected” ways.      


Sunday, July 3, 2011


This whole process of selling "things" at Happy's has been such an adventure. I often rub my eyes in disbelief. I never expected to be doing this. Prior to retiring, family, church, and job consumed my time...I never made time for messing with epoxy, paint, drills, sanding blocks, wax, ribbon, staple guns, hammers, clamps, and the list goes on. Oh, what I was missing.

Another thing that amazes me is that people really purchase the things I have for sale. When I pull up at Happy's on Wednesday and unlock the door the first thing I do is walk around to see what has SOLD. 

                                                What a thrill!

Plant Stand

Wooden Organizer

Wall Organizer

Wicker and Cane Chair

Child's Table and Chairs

Family Rules Refrigerator Magnet (Large)

Wicker Rocker and Table

Wooden Basket with Drawer Pull

Vintage Suitcase

Faux Plant Decor and Wooden Drawer/Organizer 

Container with Drawer Pull

These are just a few of the things that have sold in the last few months but it gives you an idea of the variety.  I have so much fun searching for good buys and taking things that have been cast aside and bringing them back to life...whether they need paint or glue or a new purpose.

It is interesting to see what people buy...some things I thought would go quickly are still for sale and things I am not sure will ever sale seem to catch someone's eye.  But the whole process is fun and I am glad to have the privilege to do what I do.

Thanks for your time!

<><><><> <><><><>

God is always at work around us
and often shows Himself
in the most “unexpected” ways.      

Monday, June 27, 2011

Alot of Elbow Grease

Well, from my last post, you know I have been busy.  Larry (my husband) has gotten into the furniture end of repurposing and I am really glad to have the help.  I have been able to fill up my space at Happy's with all kinds of goodies. 

I am not good at remembering to take pictures through the process but I have a few before and afters to show you.

This is a "scary" chair but it has good bones.

Look at that seat...whew!

I think a dog used the arm for a bone!  YIKES!!

Staples, staples, staples.  Not hard just time consuming.

Here are the good bones!  Notice the sweet caning on the sides..Sun Room Chair in waiting.

Isn't she a beauty...you just want to sit down and read a book.

Next is this chest with drawers.

Here are the drawers.  What you can't see is how warped they were.  Larry worked his magic by remaking the bottom of the drawers with new wood.

Lot's of sanding on the top to get a smooth surface...Larry's elbow grease! 

I wish I had taken a better picture.  This chest is covered
with 4th of July decor.  This could be used in a bedroom or dining room or entry way.  The gray is very soft and would look well with stained furniture.

Okay, the next makeover was on a set of furniture.  The chairs were really washed out but sturdy.  The caning on the seats and table were in great shape.

The table was not as appealing...it was gunky (is that a word) and missing a crossbar.  So Larry grabbed the scapper and sander and went to work.

He also fixed the crossbar.

Then I painted them gray, distressed, and then waxed with a combination of a dark and clear wax.

Aren't they sweet.  They belong on someone's porch.  I think they are vintage and sturdy for their age.  I love it when an old piece gets a new life.  Would you believe we found these at a yardsale for $1.00 a piece...I'm talking $3.00 total.  Is that a deal or what?  They will make someone very happy and with that price, I can price them reasonably as well.

So you can see what has been keeping me busy, but there is more to come.

God is always at work around us
and often shows Himself
in the most “unexpected” ways.